Sorry out of ideas

premiere: 16. december 2008, Galerija Gregor Podnar , Ljubljana , Slovenija

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koncept and realization: Mateja Bučar / Vadim Fishkin, dance & choreography: Mateja Bučar, music: Borut Savski / Kurt Buttigieg, producer: Sanja Kuveljić

production: DUM - Društvo Umetnikov / DUM - Association of Artists , co-production:Zavod ZET, Ljubljana
Project is supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia , Cultural Department of the City of Ljubljana


"Sorry out of ideas"

”The mind perceives ideas as the eye does light: the idea is still struggling into existence, yet its shadow has been there for some time.” R.S.

The idea of this performance, which is also a kind of installation, is partly expressed in the title, “Sorry Out of Ideas.” It strives to capture that enigmatic moment in the creative process which is constituted by the presence or absence of an idea as the cause and necessary condition for creating a work of art. The performance intends, on the one hand, to assert that “being completely out of ideas” is a perfectly legitimate state in art, while on the other, it thrusts the idea back into the clear epicenter of the artwork and its process  in other words, it confirms the necessity of the idea through its very absence.

The choreographed shadows of the dancers projected onto the walls of the room appear and disappear as they move across the surface in a way that seems both uncontrolled and fluid, all the time maintaining a state of contemplation, anticipation, uncertainty, and perhaps even contentment.