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Usually, at time of audition, the choreographer makes a choice of the performers and the characters they will represent. For this rather special audition, the participants are invited to make their own choice (in advance) in deciding, which character from the book they would want to perform, dance or otherwise embody in the production.

In this project, the very nature of the audition will be questioned, since the participants are be put in the position of the one who make the choice. At the same time, this audition will reflect on the problem of choice as presented in the novel Brothers Karamazov.

This audition also reflects on the dilemmas of modern subjectivity. Today’s individual is more and more under the pressure to choose his or her identity and take him or herself as an artist who creates out of his or her life a work of art. The audition questions what happens with the individual who is in some way forced to choose him or herself: how he or she chooses his or her sexual, national, religious identity; how he or she takes on a role of the father, son, brother and/or artist?


*We propose to those with serious wish to take part in the audition, and who for different reasons couldnt be present in Hong Kong on September 27th, to contact us on